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PCB Assembly

          Triode company is located in a 3/81 Hillside Road,Wairau Valley,Auckland 0627,New Zealand.

Production PCB Assembly

           Here Surface Mount PCB Assembly is the heart of the services provided by triode and supports much of our manufacturing activities.

             Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a process of requiring consistency and flexibility. At Triode,we designed our surface mount PCB Assembly lines to accommodate a very wide range of the printed circuit boards.

            From small individual PCB's through to boards as a large as 400mm*400mm;Single -sided or double sided,0402 components up to 54 mm IC's. It is having complex connectors and BGA's;We can assemble them all to as per your requirements.

PCB Manufacture Melbourne

         Triode has two fully automatic surface mount assembly lines for complex and as well as medium to high volume production. Here both the lines have an MPM UP2000 in-line Paste Printer with the inspection two Yamaha SMT machines and Heller Reflow Ovens.

           In triode our in-house facilities permit the manufacture of both leaded and lead-free (RoHS complaint) products. During manufacture process every board is inspected throughtout the process to ensure the consistency and the highest quality as possible as possible.

           Once completed every board goes through a rigourous final QC inspection stage. We can even test and pre-program your products to ensure that every PCB you receive is fully functional.

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